Trademark law

Trademark Law

The different features of a trademark make it a strong asset for its owner. The trademark incarnates the investment in the advertising appeal as well as the reputation and faith in the products and services offered. The trademark distinguishes your products from the product of competitors and helps the customers to identify with your products and services.

In order to help you build and protect the value of your trademark we give advice from the phase of developing a trademark, when registering it as well as defending your trademark against competitors. In this respect we support you in finding the best possible trademark for your product or services by making enquiries with respect to the national or international lawful realisation. We also take care of the registration of your trademark in national and international registers including, if necessary, the enforcement of the registration.

With respect to registered trademarks we undertake the administration and monitoring of your trademark by corresponding with the trademark registers, observe deadlines as well as the market.

Last but not least we protect and defend your trademark in court and, as the case may be, out of court when it comes to coexistence agreements.