Press law and Personality Rights

Press and Media Law / Right of Publicity

We advise individuals artists, public figures and cooperations in contact with unjustified, illegal or unwanted coverage in the press, on television, radio or the Internet.

Being in the public eye, handling media coverage often is a matter of give and take. Consequently we handle each case very sensitively and balance pros and cons of actions to be taken very carefully together with our clients.

Thus we can decide on an individual basis whether or not the enforcement of legal actions with respect to an injunctive relief, rectification as well as claims for damages in order to protect our clients privacy and their public presentation will be promising and reasonable.

Furthermore we are able to support our clients when it comes to marketing their personality, bringing balance to business interests and the protection of their privacy. On our clients’ behalf, we are negotiating contracts with advertising partners, broadcasting stations, licensees and publishing companies and help to unfold our clients’ economic potential.