IT Law

IT and Internet Law

The so-called IT law comprises the sectors of the national and international legal framework relevant to information technology and data processing. We have the necessary  knowledge of new technologies and markets to provide you with overview and insight to this often unclear matter. And if need be, we prepare your complex technical facts for presentation in court or for other legal disputes.

In the field of Internet law we mainly advise software publishers and providers of online platforms and services in shaping their offers in compliance with the law. We support them in establishing new business models from the very beginning or review their existing offer. Terms and conditions, domain disputes, special provisions for e-commerce, distance selling or unfair competition as well as dealing with the obligations to inform and protect consumers are often in the focus of our counsel.

Drafting, revision and negotiating of IT contracts is another key focus of our work. We know the particularities and risks of the typical agreements for hardware and software and the development of IT projects and we support you with our advice on development, exploitation or usage of innovative new technology.

Las but not least, the meaning of data protection law has risen to an unprecedented level since electronic data processing has invaded all levels of personal life and economic processes. If your business involves handling personal data, thorough revision of your compliance with data protection law is inevitable – non-compliance may lead to severe fines and, as the case may be, to legal disputes with competitors. We give our advice in regards to compliance of your specific business model and your individual processes and help you to find and implement reasonable solutions.